Friday, 7 October 2011

Anna Collette Hunt: 'Stirring The Swarm' 08/10/11 - 29/01/2012

Anna Collette Hunt, winner of the Nottingham Castle Annual Open 'Solo Show' 2010 prize and SAW artist, presents her unique installation in Nottingham Castle.

Castle curatorial staff selected this wonderful ceramic artist for the Solo Exhibtion Prize from the 100+ works in last year’s Nottingham Annual Open. For her exhibition Anna has produced 'Stirring the Swarm', an ambitious ceramic installation of over 10,000 hand made insects which will cover the walls of the South Hall stairwell.

On their website they state that "Dry, dingy creatures cling lifelessly to the walls, frozen in the viewer's sight, alongside more dazzling 'specimens' that sparkle and shine with rich glazes and lustres."
With a touch of the Grimm's fairytale, Anna says the "narrative exhibition lures viewers into a macabre story as they are invited to follow the enchanted swarm".

Definitely not to be missed 'Stirring The Swarm' runs from October 8th 2011 until January 29th 2012. For more details check out the following links:

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