Friday, 11 June 2010

SAW Focus 4 - Alison Knox

Tuesday June 23rd 7.30pm
Alison Knox
The Ukrainian Cultural Centre
Fee: £1.50/£1 concessions
Booking: 07771 280671

"I am an artist. I do not have a job, I have my work .
My art is not what I "do" it is who I am.
I do what I love and I love what I do.
There are no days off from being who I am, or doing what I do.
My art is how I earn my living, pay the bills and feed my family, it is my first and last thought each day.
I am an artist and I honour and uphold that as best I can, without compromise."

Local artist Alison Knox will share her parts of personal journey both as an artist, and what art means to her. Delivered as an unscripted, engaging and very down to earth talk, Alison hopes to encourage others to follow their artistic hearts in whatever way feels good to them.

APPROX 60 mins

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